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Kitchen ideas with that certain something special

A well-developed kitchen idea is characterised by creative design, practical functionality and stylish design. How can this be implemented? We know: with an authentic passion for innovative kitchen solutions and an aesthetic flair, we combine sophisticated storage solutions with high-quality materials and individual features.  This results in kitchen creations that will provide you with inspiration in the long term.


Our kitchen ideas manage the balancing act between stylish aesthetics and efficient handling. Well thought-out room concepts, intelligent organisational systems and state-of-the-art technologies make every Blaeu kitchen the heart of the home.  Here we cook, chop, tell stories and laugh. This makes it all the more important to create versatile cuisine that adapts to every situation: from candlelight cooking to running dinners, from small coffee breaks to family breakfasts. Let our flexible solutions inspire you!

Clever and clean: kitchen furniture for your needs

A kitchen just to look good? Wrong! Blaeu designs combine exceptional aesthetics with intelligent use of storage space and functionally high-quality technology with special kitchen ideas and extra features.


Be it a write-on kitchen back wall for small memos, paintings or notes, a sideboard as a window or bench seat or pull-out cupboard doors that give the kitchen a tidy look in an instant.


Hard-wearing worktops, easy-care materials and atmospheric lighting elements make your kitchen a place where high comfort goes hand in hand with a charming ambience. Experience style, quality and functionality in a perfect combination. 

Blaeu-Line product: systematically impressive

The Blaeu-Line product stands for high-quality and elegant kitchens with a wide range of equipment options, individual colours and unusual materials. If you don't want to compromise on the design of your kitchen, you're sure to find what you're looking for in this exclusive kitchen line.


With a choice of over 2,000 colour tones, high-quality veneers, three elegant colours for the wardrobe interior and interior design features such as a sliding desk top, Blaeu-Line offers sophisticated extras – for all those who appreciate exclusive comfort. The combination of avant-garde design, environmentally friendly materials and the latest technology creates impressive kitchens that leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality and flexibility.


Floating sideboards, illuminated shelves with colour temperature control and a railing with variable additional features are complementary design elements that can be excellently integrated into various kitchen concepts, from the country-style eat-in kitchen to the open-plan loft kitchen. Feel free to explore our Blaeu-Line product, which meets the highest demands in terms of design functionality.

Blaeu-Lite product: imaginatively combined

The Blaeu-Lite is a product that impresses with its future-oriented design and uniform grid system. It offers numerous design options, from kitchen architecture to stylistic design and furnishings.


With Blaeu-Lite, a wide range of kitchen ideas can be realised that make working in the kitchen a pleasure. A special highlight of this product line: our six Selection trend colours, which dress your kitchen in delicate to intense natural tones, from sober eucalyptus to intense blackberry and balanced azure.


At Blaeu, every kitchen design is a harmonious interplay of elements, perfectly matched to your personal taste and the demands of your everyday life. With this, Blaeu-Lite sets new standards in the kitchen world and demonstrates how progressive and groundbreaking modern kitchen programmes can be

People come first: Kitchens for you!

Blaeu understands the importance of a well-designed kitchen.  In this way, we respond to the demands that life today brings – from the perception of ecological responsibility to long-lasting quality and selected design to their multifunctional, individual design.


Our kitchens offer smart solutions and trendsetting features to make your kitchen the perfectly equipped centre of your home. From clever storage solutions to ergonomic workspace design, our fitted kitchens are carefully designed and tested at the planning stage to make your time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable.


Together with our employees and partners, we are constantly working on making your kitchen even more future-proof. Because: Blaeu stands for durability, ecological commitment and certified living quality. 

Do you dream of a kitchen with colour?

You can never go wrong with this: classic colours for a kitchen that enjoy lasting popularity are friendly white, discreet grey or even elegant black. However, the courage to use colour can also be worthwhile. As the moods that can be created with different shades are as diverse as our colour palette.


Our product lines Blaeu-Line and Blaeu-Lite open up a wide range of possibilities in this regard. How about a kitchen in fresh eucalyptus or warm burgundy? High-contrast colour combinations or a composition of delicate cream tones are also conceivable. Or do you fancy a colourful, cheerful Colour Kitchen? Whatever your preference: you decide, we deliver. It's as simple as that.

Kitchen accessories: true tidying talents

Our kitchen accessories contain varied and practical organisational elements that optimally complement your kitchen and ensure a clear overview.


Different organisational elements for drawers and pull-outs make it possible to optimally use the available storage volume With a cutlery tray made of sustainable wood in beech or noble ash, you can store your knives, spoons, etc. not only stylishly but also practically.


The cutlery insert can be usefully supplemented with foil dispensers and knife inserts. Inserts with mobile dividers allow you to change the structure of your drawers as needed.  This is how dynamic kitchen design works – as changeable as your life. Never search again with the tidying talents from Blaeu!

No compromises: Healthy living is a top priority at Blaeu

Whether compactly designed for furnishing small rooms or spaciously laid out for planning a generous family kitchen: Our kitchen furniture combines individuality and aesthetics.


They are not only convincing in terms of design, but also guarantee clean indoor air thanks to our PURemission Air-Protection system – thanks to a significant undercutting of the legally stipulated formaldehyde limits.


Our innovative PUResist gluing technology ensures that our edges are water-repellent and extremely durable. Due to the use of formaldehyde- and solvent-free adhesives, our PUR gluing of thick edges is also particularly environmentally friendly. With our own test laboratory,


Blaeu guarantees the best product quality – by the way, also in the area of worktops, where we have a particularly easy-care, scratch-resistant and hygienically flawless surface with the PerfectSense® coating. In this way, we continuously develop new products that offer you a healthy and durable kitchen of the best quality.

From Concept To Reality

Design concepts provide the starting point for detailed planning; which fulfils the most extravagant demands and ideas through the skilful combination of materials, surfaces, and colours. Bold solitary elements set additional accents and the perfect accessories provide individual touches down to the unique details.

Each kitchen becomes a unique work of contemporary design made to perfectly complement the surrounding architecture. Functionality and aesthetics are harmoniously combined in the creative dialogue between customers and planners.

Dedicated Design Team

Whether your an individual client or property developer, Planning your new luxury designer kitchen is an exciting but daunting time with a plethora of finishes, specifications and configurations to chose from.


Blaeus expert design team can take the headache of planning away. We have been helping our customers and return clients fit premium kitchens for over 40 years – bringing their ideas and aspirations through to fruition.


Our highly skilled kitchen design service is always up to the challenge, accommodating whatever the budget may be.


We are facing major global challenges that require more sustainable thinking and action. There are many other measures where Blaeu is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

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