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IEasy System is a design that stands out for its pared-back look and impressive versatility.

Drawer units and bedside tables become part of a larger system that can also include floor benches, clothes racks, mirrors, open shelving, freestanding arrangements, desks, Box 12 and Tetris storage units, creating endless furniture solutions.


Each of the system components can be customized with an extensive range of finishes to choose from. Easy can also be ordered with undermounted wireless charging. 


Sly is a system of drawer-modules to be paired with Tetris open units.


These elements can be combined to create numerous configurations, from more complex, capacious chests of drawers — which are also perfect as living room drawer units — to more basic bedside tables.


Sly can also be ordered with undermounted wireless charging. 


The Square collection of bedside tables, tallboys and chests of drawers draws on a combination of drawer modules and open units created by metal frames.


There are numerous finishes on offer for tailoring the bedroom furniture collection to individual tastes and requirements. Square can also be ordered with undermounted wireless charging.


Giro-Giro System is a modular system of drawers that can be put together to create drawer units with drawers arranged on all sides.

It offers virtually unlimited options as the structure and fronts come in different finishes and colours that can be mixed and matched, creating a pleasing graphic effect with a run of broken lines that continuously intersect the vertical lines accentuated by the small metal handle.


Designed as a freestanding unit to sit in the middle of the room – in the bedroom, inside the walk-in wardrobe or in the living area – Giro-Giro System is just as functional set against a wall, standing on legs or directly on the floor.


Float is a collection designed with the idea of reinstating the importance of each part making up the piece of furniture.


Moved to the outside, the feet become a distinctive visual feature. Following the sideboard created for the living room, the collection has been extended and Float introduced into the bedroom, too, now enhanced with a bedside table, tallboy and chest of drawers that can be customized with any of the matt and oxidized lacquered colours.


Elegant and refined, the Giotto bedroom furniture collection teams classical shapes with extremely contemporary details.


Available in rovere terra, rovere miele, rovere carbone and noce canaletto


Precise, geometric and stylish, the Quarantacinque bedroom furniture collection features a modern design and meticulously defined details.


Rovere terra, rovere miele and rovere carbone are the finish options, with tops in a choice of lacquered glass, light stone or leather.


The full forms of the Pitagora collection make a stylish addition that sits well in bedroom spaces.


The Norman bedroom furniture collection teams the solidity of wood available in  rovere miele, rovere carbone, rovere terra and noce canaletto - with the restrained elegance of Carrara marble.


Norman also comes with a leather top option.


We are facing major global challenges that require more sustainable thinking and action. There are many other measures where Blaeu is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

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