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Small things, big effect - our kitchen interior

A kitchen is not just for cooking. Just as exquisite cuisine should be multisensory, a kitchen should be multifunctional. A reflection of this is individual, contemporary kitchen furnishings and interiors that go beyond classic kitchen furniture.


Lowboards and sideboards transform the room into a kitchen with style and high practical value. Drawers, compartments and cupboards for the nearby cloakroom or the adjoining utility room perfect your kitchen ensemble.  


All products for your kitchen interior from Blaeu are characterised by contemporary designs, high-quality workmanship and a wide choice of colours.

The inner values count

Coherent kitchen furnishings call for a harmonious overall impression, which modern kitchen appliances skilfully support. Technology and design are ideally combined, which our high-quality appliances from Blaupunkt also allow.


They pave the way for a uniform look - from the outside. But our kitchens are also convincing from the inside with the optimally adapted kitchen interior. Both upper and lower cabinets in Blaeu kitchens are equipped with clever drawer and pull-out systems.


Our solutions for cutlery and co. are particularly practical: inserts made of sustainable wood put a stop to cramped drawers.  Modern cookers, elegant wine fridges, dishwashers and spacious refrigerators bring the kitchen furnishings to perfection.


This is kitchen interior design that takes cooking pleasure to a new level and makes truly intuitive, intelligent use possible.

Multi-talented top cabinet

Roller shutter up: Action - Roller shutter down: Order. Add-on cupboards are a versatile storage solution. Optics and functionality can be perfectly harmonised.


The roller shutters are available in stainless steel colours and black. A top cabinet with a blind or roller shutter can also be used in a variety of ways. Whether open like a shelf, semi-open and partially accessible or closed - there is an individual as well as practical solution for every need.


Clever lighting with under-cabinet luminaires also creates a pleasant atmosphere. Compact and space-saving kitchen appliances from top manufacturers such as Blaupunkt increase functionality and directly contribute to making the most of the space. 

Clear lines for wardrobes

Storage space that is cleverly organised and aesthetically realised: the carefully preconfigured wardrobe variants inspire with clear lines and an impressive variety of storage options.


They are extremely changeable, as they can be individually designed - from the size and colour scheme to the hooks and handles. In this way, each creation sets its very own accents. Light, soft tones have a calming and relaxing effect, while dark tones such as graphite exude balance.


Whether you want your wardrobe to match your kitchen exactly or create a unique contrast is just a matter of personal preference. With us, you will find numerous variations of high-quality wardrobes that can be adapted exactly to your needs. So there's room for even the thickest winter coat. 

Sideboards: modern living talents with function

Our straight-lined sideboards add an individual touch to any room. They are also extremely practical and impressively demonstrate how the right combination of shape and colour can create a very special ambience. Several preconfigured versions of our modern sideboards are available - with different furniture feet and handles and in many different colours.


For example, you can choose between discreet, inviting amaranth, friendly natural umber, elegant black and many more. So with our sideboards, you can always create an unmistakable flair to complement your kitchen. At the same time, you not only bring a piece of modern, timeless style into your living space, but also a practical way to store home accessories and other items in the kitchen interior. 

Enjoy home entertainment with elegant lowboards

High-quality televisions look even better on simple, floor-level lowboards. The pre-configured variants of the basic elements provide the ideal basis for creative media centre concepts and implement them in a high-quality way.


The components function not only as a shelf and storage space, but also as a presentation platform for the TV set. Cable clutter is made invisible by cleverly hiding it behind the elements.


Here, too, you can choose from various colours and find the solution that best suits your home: Black in combination with grey and white looks dynamic and powerful. Cream tones, on the other hand, are mostly natural and airy. With our lowboard compositions, you skilfully set the scene for films, videos and series!

Modularity stands for flexibility

Sensible order is a guarantee for well-being and is a priority in our kitchen interiors, along with design. Modern utility rooms can be a great help in organising the household.


They provide efficient support for storing kitchen appliances, food or drinks, as well as housing dryers and washing machines in a place that remains hidden from visitors. Individually adapted utility rooms are always a practical solution - whether they match the kitchen perfectly in terms of appearance or are deliberately kept in a different colour. With exciting equipment variants, they can be individually designed.


A highlight is the tall cupboard with linen compartments, because it ensures that the laundry is sorted correctly straight away. With our versatile components, you can enjoy all the comfort of interior design according to your wishes.

Planning for the future

A tall cupboard is extremely versatile in the kitchen interior and pantry and can help to create order. Open pull-outs are not only visually appealing, but also make it easier to sort items and ensure that each item is allocated its own space.


With the help of a tandem swing pull-out, the contents of the tall cupboard can easily be reached from both sides and the order achieved can be easily maintained. But it's not only kitchen utensils that find space in the tall cupboard. In the utility room or hallway, this piece of furniture becomes a practical solution for a shoe cupboard for the whole family. Tall cabinets offer unlimited possibilities for creating visually appealing order.


We are facing major global challenges that require more sustainable thinking and action. There are many other measures where Blaeu is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

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