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Quality with structure

At Blaeu, worktops and kitchen fronts complement each other with impressive harmony. This is how a unique kitchen develops based on your personal taste and a wide variety of options. Experience worktops anew - solid and sensual.


If natural stone, ceramic or quartz - with these materials, your worktop will receive a special, one-of-a-kind texture. A brilliant kitchen develops in harmony with the selected door style.

Wood & laminate

Wood is a special, renewable raw material, which transports a very particular feeling. Wooden worktops enable an excellent indoor climate. On top of that, laminate  in wood optic is very easy to maintain.

More colours

Of course there are more options available when it comes to worktops. As exceptionally charismatic and individual as you are. Because your new kitchen is going to be perfect with Blaeu.

16 mm, 25 mm or 40 mm thickness

Selecting the right worktop thickness is very easy, because 16, 25 and 40 mm thick worktops are looking amazing. Choose from an enormous selection at Blaeu and find out which worktops are matching best with your selected door style. The discreet 16 mm version, the accentuated 40 mm version or the 25 mm version in between. Without a doubt always the right choice.

Perfect quality

Blaeu manufactures high quality kitchen products. With great attention to detail and dedication to precision and accuracy.


This is how a kitchen you are falling in love with, becomes reality - attractive and durable

Variety of variants

An appealing worktop is a real eye-catcher in your new kitchen. This is why it is important to always ideally coordinate door styles and worktops.


Blaeu offers a tremendous selection of beautiful and high-quality worktops, so you can realise your dream kitchen - durable and low-maintenance.

Blaeu is committed to partnering with environmentally friendly and sustainable products through continued innovation of Caeserstone products and greener production processes.


We are focused on creating a value chain that is built on environmental, health and safety practices, as well as a greener and safer future for all of our employees, customers, partners and communities.

Caesarstone products come with a 25-Year limited Residential Warranty.

We are facing major global challenges that require more sustainable thinking and action. There are many other measures where Blaeu is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

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