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Kaelo Drinks Cooler

This sleek cooler seamlessly fits into your worktop, requiring minimal cupboard space, and keeps your favourite drinks perfectly chilled from the first pour to the last sip. Enjoy perfectly chilled wine, champagne, or juice every time you open a bottle. Featuring 3 settings to suit the perfect temperature of you chosen drink. Experience the luxury and convenience of a Kaelo Plus with your new kitchen completely free!

Kaelo Plus

Featuring different lighting styles, plus three temperature modes from; Kaelo mode; Maintains the temperature of any bottle between 5-12 degrees. Red wine mode; Place a red wine bottle in at a temperature between 12-18 degrees and your Kaelo Plus will maintain this temperature for 2 hours. Boost mode; If you fancy a little more chill in your bottle, the Kaleo Plus can cool the temperature of your bottle by 3-4 degrees over 30 mins. After this it will return to Kaelo mode.

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